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The European Mobility Exhibition: what’s new in travel?

Poster of the 2012 European Mobility Exhibition

The European Mobility Exhibition was held in Paris between the 5th and the 7th June. This show brings gathers all the urban transport professionals around the sustainable mobility theme. Here’s Sustainable Mobility’s summary of the event.

The European Mobility Exhibition, which is an unmissable, biennial event held at the Parc des Expositions in Paris, represents a unique opportunity for urban transport players to exchange good practices. This year’s show saw 250 international exhibitors, including manufacturers (rail, mobiles, alternative means of transport), engineers, institutions, designers and even investors, in attendance from the 5th to the 7th June.

Nicole Bricq inaugurated the European Mobility Exhibition on Tuesday 5th June at 3.30 pm; it was the first time that the new Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy had mingled with transport professionals!

Three days of meetings for tomorrow’s mobility

These three days were punctuated by numerous conferences bringing together international experts. Among the most memorable were: “Parking, a key element of mobility policy”; “Smarter mobility” on intelligent mobility solutions for towns; and “What sustainable financing for mobility?”

Above all, we’ll remember certain figures: the transport sector is in great shape! Since 2001, use of urban networks has increased by 4.5% and this growth has continued during the first months of 2012. In addition, transport is a source of employment. The Public and Rail Transport Union (UTP) thus employs 400,000 people, 98% of whom have permanent contracts. With regard to the reorganisation of public transport bodies, Nicole Bricq has confirmed that they will be given high priority in the decentralisation laws of the future.

Numerous hybrid and electric vehicles were on show during this event but we were particularly impressed by the EBSF (European Bus System of the Future) programme, which is reinventing bus systems for tomorrow. Inspired by BRT systems, this is an original project as it “brings together all transport players (local authorities, operators, manufacturers, consultants and researchers) in order to design organisational and operational solutions based on the bus, which remains strongly symbolic of towns and is the emblematic vehicle of urban public transport”, according to Anne Meyer, Director of the Customer Services, Operations and Research Department of the UTP.

The Exhibition gave high priority to innovation, by focusing on new markets that are better adapted to users. Intermodality and services linked to the digital world attracted all the attention. With geolocation, intermodal transport ticket validation and real-time accessibility to information: tomorrow’s mobility is being designed today - in your mobile!

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