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Better Place: the first European battery-swap station!

Better Place station
On the 28th June, Better Place’s first European battery-swap station opened its doors in Denmark. Do you want to change the battery of your car in a flash? You can!

The first “Quick drop” battery-swap station in Europe has been inaugurated in Gladsaxe in Denmark. The operator has committed to opening another 20 battery-swap station in the country over the next nine months, in partnership with DONG Energy and 45 Danish local authorities.

Better Place, the global electric vehicle network and services operator, with its new technologies, is today attempting to impose this means of clean transport upon the European automotive market

As quick and easy as filling the car with petrol

These swap stations are quick and easy to use, efficient, completely automated, and provide motorists with unlimited range. The driver simply needs to swipe a magnetic card for identification, and then the swap system will operate automatically, thanks to robots. You don’t even need to get out of the vehicle!

This is a system that intends to change the way in which Europeans get around whereas Better Place, in partnership with Renault-Nissan, will begin the commercialisation of the Fluence Z.E car in autumn this year.

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