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Chile, a pioneer in electric mobility

A few months before electric vehicles arrive in Chile, the country inaugurated its first charging station in Santiago, on the 20th April 2011..

Presented as the “the first Latin American charging station”, this rapid charging terminal was inaugurated by the Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera, in the capital’s chic Vitacura district. This project saw the day as a way of preparing the ground for the arrival of the first electric vehicles in the second quarter of 2011.

The implementation of new charging terminals is planned in other service stations and also in public car parks, shopping centres and residential buildings.

A sustainable initiative for the country

This charging terminal, located in a service station, will be capable of charging electric cars to 80% capacity in around 30 minutes. Electric vehicles should thus be able to acquire a range of 130 kilometres (around 80 miles). A 15-minute half-charge, costing £2.70, will also be possible.

These new means of transport should also benefit the mining industry, with Chile being one of the world’s major producers of copper and lithium, two minerals used mainly for electric vehicles.

The cost per kilometre for electric cars will be less than 75% of that of traditional thermic cars. However, the Chilean government is still wondering about how to encourage the population to choose clean vehicles. It is currently considering a plan involving incentives and subsidies in order to bring down the price of electric vehicles, which remains high.

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